How Much You Can Save With Health Card?

You get discounts of 10 to 50%. The card price of 50 euro is returned at one discount.

Do not wait for the golden fish! We offer you a quality and controlled medical service in private healthcare facilities and ambulances equipped with the latest diagnostic technology as well as surgical equipment to perform demanding surgical procedures.

Examples of savings with Health Card!

  • Implant Installation -20%

    Full price: 5.100,00 kn - HC price: 4.080,00 kn
  • Nose surgery - 15%

    Full price: 12.000,00 kn - HC price: 10.200,00 kn
  • Magnetic resonance 1 region (brain, spine, abdomen ...) - 25%

    Full price: 1.600,00 kn - HC price: 1.200,00 kn